Charles C. Moskos



photo by Kevin Wienstein

Civilian Institutions (USA):

American University, Arizona State University, University of Arizona, Ball State University, Boston University, Brookings Institution, University of California (Berkeley), University of Chicago, Claremont Colleges, University of Colorado, Columbia University, Cornell University, Dartmouth College, DePaul University, DePauw University, Federal Executive Institute, Georgetown University, Harvard University, Hellenic College, University of Illinois, University of Illinois (Chicago), Indiana-Purdue University, Kansas State University, University of Kentucky, Loyola University of Chicago, Loyola Marymount University, University of Maryland, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, University of Minnesota, New America Foundation, University of North Carolina, Northern Illinois University, Norwich University, Ohio State University, Pennsylvania State University, Princeton University, Queens College (CUNY), University of Rochester, St. Anselm's College, St. Michael's College, Stanford University, Stennis Center for Public Service, Swathmore College, Syracuse University, Towson University, University of Texas, Texas A&M University, University of Oregon, University of Washington, University of Wisconsin (Madison), University of Wisconsin (Green Bay), Wooster College, Yale University.

Civilian Institutions (Abroad):

Carelton University, University of New Brunswick (Canada); Catholic University, Centro de Estudios del Desarrollo (Chile); Catholic University (Ecuador); University of Helsinki (Finland); University of the Aegean (Greece); Bar-Ilan University, Carmel Institute (Israel); University of Rome (Italy); Institute for Peace and Security Studies (Japan); Vrei University (Netherlands); Bucharest University (Romania); Institute for Defense Policy, University of Capetown (South Africa); Barcelona University (Spain); Bilkent University (Turkey), King's College London, Oxford University (United Kingdom); Peitho (Uruguay).

Military Institutions (USA):

Air Command Staff College, Air Force Institute of Technology, Air War College, Armed Forces Staff College, Army Command and Staff College, Army Recruiting Command, Army War College, Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute, Defense Intelligence School, Defense Information School, Industrial College of the Armed Forces, National Guard Association, National Defense University, National War College, National Security Agency, Naval Post-Graduate School, Naval War College, U.S. Air Force Academy, U.S. Military Academy, U.S. Naval Academy.

Military Institutions (Abroad):

Defense Force Academy (Australia); Air Force War College, Army War College, Navy War College (Chile); Military Academy (Czech Republic); Royal Defense College (Denmark); Army War College (Ecuador); Sandhurst (United Kingdom); Ministry of Defense (Finland); Foundation for the Study of National Defense (France); Hochschule der Bundeswehr (Germany); Institute for Defense Studies (India); War College (Italy); Institute of Military Studies (Israel); Air Self-Defense Force Academy, National Defense Academy (Japan); Royal Military Academy (Netherlands); Institute of Defense (Portugal); Military Academy (Romania); Military Academy (South Africa); Military Academy (Switzerland), Military Academy (Turkey); V.I. Lenin Political Military Academy (USSR).